Using Foreign Language Gibberish

I was excited to see that our friends in spirit can even change the language of the gibberish we use. I did an experiment using some gibberish that was sent to me by my friend and fellow RVP Researcher Sonia Rinaldi. The following two EVPs were made using gibberish that was made from a little boy speaking in Portuguese.

I speak in English

Adam can hear me


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How Wonderful that Love is So Much Stronger than Death—More Messages of Love


Just want to see you

I come to show you proof

Your crying made everyone cry, Honey

Be thankful

You’re lovely

You really want him

You’re welcome to hear from me

You’ll have me

You are fragile though

Trust a second

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Time Passes but Love Endures — The Love Goes on Forever — Listen to some new EVPs


Relax favorite girl

We’ll count on that

If only you would, I’d love it

I want her love

We will both try

We’ll send her power

His love is secure

I’m aksing for answers because I want answers—Ask little heroine

I’ll carry you

You’ll be happy

My girl, come to me



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I’m pretty Excited by These New EVPs from my Latest Readings — Have a Listen and let me know what you think.


I’m so pleased because I believe that the EVPs are getting clearer. What do you think?

I’ll be back and I’ll be true

I’ll help him find you

Good Evening

See if we can get to big loving

We will both try

My luck that I met you

It is important to learn

I’m grateful for your call

Isn’t it beautiful, he’ll call?



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They Seem to be Getting Clearer and Clearer—What Do You Think of These?


Good evening

They believe in you

We’ve got eight months

You shouldn’t go far

It helps

You’ll have me

You’re gona do fine

Will you arrive for me?

The hospital

With you little problem

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Listen to Some New clips from my Readings


Who would have believed that we would be able to do this? It continues to blow my mind that I can communicate in this way. Now that the slideshow and video are available online for free, those of you who say you long to make a connection, have no excuse. Give it a try. The links you need are available at

Here are some new clips. Let me know what you think of the sound quality!

They’re not happy

You will thank me later

Yeah, he’s thankful

I just need proof—What kind of proof?

He’s the doctor

He’s definitely real

Know I love you

Will you be right for me?

Keep your long hair

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This just keeps getting more and more interesting—Contacting people who are Sleeping, through EVP

sheri and evp pic

It was through EVP Researcher Sonia Rinaldi, who uses Electronic Voice Phenomenon to contact people in comas, as well as non-verbal children etc., that I learned that you can also contact people in their sleep.  This idea intrigued me and so I’ve been experimenting.

Now, in truth, I can’t be sure that these clips came from the people I tried to contact in their sleep.  They could easily have come from Danny, but I try to see what makes sense in line with those I tried to contact.

Take a listen to some of these. I’ve been experimenting with making my own gibberish and I think some of these are quite clear with expression too.  Let me know your reactions. Your comments are welcome below.


I love you

C’est la Vie

Pretty baby, I’m cool

Dammit Lady

I think I’m in love

Always care about you

It’s true, love him

I’m here again

It’s already given honey, you will visit more

It’s going to work with you, babe

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Using Gibberish Made From My Own Voice Yields EVPs in Many Voices


I’m having some interesting results using gibberish made with my own voice. Listen to a few of these:

Ah, how lovely

Hey Danny are you there?—He’s here

You look awesome

Beautiful, I love you

Don’t miss your phone call


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This is Getting So Interesting — Learning to Make My Own Gibberish — I LOVE YOU in Peyton’s Voice


This little guy is my grandson Petyon Daniel Migdol. When my amazing friend and mentor Vicki Talbott told me about something I could download that would allow me to make my own gibberish I was intrigued. I like the idea of knowing that I made the gibberish and that it is pure, so for an experiment, I recorded Peyton counting from 1 to 20, and then scrambled the words through this thing called EVPMaker. Anyway, I had no idea what to expect, as this was my first attempt, but I was delighted to find the sweetest EVP! I would assume the message is from Danny but in Peyton’s voice. Have a listen:

I love you

I’m ready Mother

May I use this to make a recording for a small child?—That be great!

I love you

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“More EVPs from My Readings”


It’s so hard for those of us who have lost children to imagine a world with no pain. Listen  to some messages from the other side:

You’re beautiful

See Daddy, first important that you know I’m here

I’m happy

Here picture it very calming

I know you were crying

It’s Daniel who put on the light

Sweetheart, I’m always onboard

I love you

I miss your love a lot

Please tell Alice she’s my girl

Adam can hear me

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