EVPs Found In a Puppy’s Growly Sounds


Rb7uJK5wQ26XsTEhkEqGXwThis my friends is my precious Lily Louise. My new little girl has been with me for 2 months now and I just adore her. Some of you know the story of my little dogs and how I had to put Steven to sleep a few years ago due to old age and numerous medical conditions. Here’s a photo of Steven.

Steven all by himself2

Well, shortly after Steven passed he started coming through my EVP line talking of his desire to come back. This went on for a few years but I still had my Nellie who was old and I was not about to get a new puppy while I still had Nellie to care for. Here is a photo Nellie.

.sheri and Nellie

After Nellie passed about 6 months ago Steven started coming through again and between him and Danny, I was given specific instructions on how we could work together to bring Steven back into another small poodle. Well, they did their end and I did mine and Lily came home 2 months ago. I remembered that I had used EVPs made by recording the heavy breathing of Steven and Nellie to see if they were ready to pass. I thought how interesting it would be to record the funny little growl sounds that Lily makes when I play with her and check them for EVPs. Now, maybe I’m getting crazy but I do believe that I have some EVPs here. Remember that these were not made using vocal gibberish as a sound source, but by recording Lily’s little growly sounds. Take a listen and please if you can hear any of these, leave me a comment to let me know.

I love Ma

My name was Steven

I am happy

Nana (This is what my grandson calls me and he comes over all the time and plays with her and constantly says “Nana.”

The following clip was made from Lily crying when I returned home after an hour away from the house. She always cries a little when I first pick her up after returning home.

Mommy, It’s Steven


About sheriperl

I am a spiritual healer, a writer, a teacher, a potter and a wife and mother. My work has always been in spiritual healing but since 2008 I have focused more on bereavement as I lost my 22 year old son Daniel to an overdose on July 1, 2008.
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2 Responses to EVPs Found In a Puppy’s Growly Sounds

  1. Simonetta Albo says:

    I can hear them clearly.
    The one where it says Steven it repeats the name twice. The second time it sounds like a man’s voice.

  2. Simonetta Albo says:

    The Steven I hear here sounds like the same voice left in my EVP.

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