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How Wonderful that Love is So Much Stronger than Death—More Messages of Love

Just want to see you I come to show you proof Your crying made everyone cry, Honey Be thankful You’re lovely You really want him You’re welcome to hear from me You’ll have me You are fragile though Trust a … Continue reading

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Time Passes but Love Endures — The Love Goes on Forever — Listen to some new EVPs

Relax favorite girl We’ll count on that If only you would, I’d love it I want her love We will both try We’ll send her power His love is secure I’m aksing for answers because I want answers—Ask little heroine … Continue reading

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I’m pretty Excited by These New EVPs from my Latest Readings — Have a Listen and let me know what you think.

I’m so pleased because I believe that the EVPs are getting clearer. What do you think? I’ll be back and I’ll be true I’ll help him find you Good Evening See if we can get to big loving We will … Continue reading

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They Seem to be Getting Clearer and Clearer—What Do You Think of These?

Good evening They believe in you We’ve got eight months You shouldn’t go far It helps You’ll have me You’re gona do fine Will you arrive for me? The hospital With you little problem

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Listen to Some New clips from my Readings

Who would have believed that we would be able to do this? It continues to blow my mind that I can communicate in this way. Now that the slideshow and video are available online for free, those of you who … Continue reading

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This just keeps getting more and more interesting—Contacting people who are Sleeping, through EVP

It was through EVP Researcher Sonia Rinaldi, who uses Electronic Voice Phenomenon to contact people in comas, as well as non-verbal children etc., that I learned that you can also contact people in their sleep. ┬áThis idea intrigued me and … Continue reading

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Using Gibberish Made From My Own Voice Yields EVPs in Many Voices

I’m having some interesting results using gibberish made with my own voice. Listen to a few of these: Ah, how lovely Hey Danny are you there?—He’s here You look awesome Beautiful, I love you Don’t miss your phone call  

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