The More I Explore The More Interesting It All Becomes — Using Foreign Language Gibberish


It’s absolutely true and again I’m amazed, but from the time I started to explore spirit in 1971, it never ceased to amaze me what spirit can and will do. We’ve may have been kept in the dark by our schools and religious institutions but spirit is, as always, working to break through and finally there are many more of us who are interested in working with them.

Anyway, I was given some new gibberish to try. Since I was able to get EVPs in English when using the Dalai Lama Gibberish I had been sent, I was happy to try out these 2 new recordings. One is a man speaking in German and the other a little boy speaking in Portuguese.

When you think about it, they must be working very hard on their side to give us audible words that we can understand IN OUR OWN LANGUAGE.

Who would’ve believed???


Your Mum’s there

I can hear you — or — I come near you

Found you, let’s go forward working

You will be here wisely for them

That’s our shepherd

Let us seek healing

About sheriperl

I am a spiritual healer, a writer, a teacher, a potter and a wife and mother. My work has always been in spiritual healing but since 2008 I have focused more on bereavement as I lost my 22 year old son Daniel to an overdose on July 1, 2008.
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2 Responses to The More I Explore The More Interesting It All Becomes — Using Foreign Language Gibberish

  1. emkarblog says:

    Wow, Sheri. these are some of the clearest I have heard yet. So much improvement in so little time, thanks solely to spirit and your incredible commitment, well done.

  2. Debbie Hallowell says:

    …so amazed by these beautiful voices coming through💗

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