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It’s Happening and It’s Developing and You Can All Connect-Up With Your Children!

I am working on it and I am not stopping. The step-by-step program is completed and being test run with a small group in my home tomorrow. Once we see it works well without at hitch, we will configure the … Continue reading

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Baby I’m Amazed—Who Would Have Thought That We Could Do This?

I’ve been recording EVPs for a little over a year now and I still can’t believe that this is taking place. It’s beyond my wildest dreams and it makes me so happy. Listen to these friends! We all thank you … Continue reading

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The Sound Source that We Use Affects the Sound of The EVP That Comes Through—Listen to these!

Prayer Team Member Vicki Talbott, a fellow EVP Researcher and a dear friend forwarded me some gibberish she had acquired of the Dalai Lama speaking in his own language, reversed. That means that aside from being in a foreign language, … Continue reading

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