Some of These Take My Breath Away!

394164_10150585645359679_1991532289_nMy baby boy tells me that he is not a baby and of course, he wasn’t when he passed at 22. Still they are our babies to us. The first EVP I will post is not the best or clearest one but it’s kind of funny. I was recording and I said, “Baby boy” and I heard back, “Danny’s not a baby.” “Well, you’re my baby” I said back to the computer! Yes, I must be a sight, sitting and talking to a computer, but I know I am doing far more than that. I am having a conversation, however, make-shift it may be at this point in time, with Danny. Tonight I resume my readings again and I will be contacting as many of you as I can over the following months as I have my instructions to bring the children home.

Baby boy—Danny’s not a baby

We deliver them home

I’m very excited for them

You’re still living animals, not vegetable

Over here you’re so powerful

You ought to combine forces with her

Yes you are using the right song

You honor me

It’s a relief to see you all better



About sheriperl

I am a spiritual healer, a writer, a teacher, a potter and a wife and mother. My work has always been in spiritual healing but since 2008 I have focused more on bereavement as I lost my 22 year old son Daniel to an overdose on July 1, 2008.
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2 Responses to Some of These Take My Breath Away!

  1. Keith Vickers says:

    Hello Sheri,
    A trip very nearly ‘over to the other side’ convinced me in a few terrifying minutes the Self is immortal and I came back with an inner peace and the knowledge we are all part of everything and even each other, also confidence to stand up to a rough life and even nastier people. It has been a great lifelong asset to KNOW we do not die.
    50 years ago I had a friend who was a teaching medium and had the great privelege of talking with many minds very much wiser than mine for a few years and have been treated with kindness, generosity and even civility when I questioned them too eagerly.
    From experience, there are many spirits who will help and educate even those who are not friends or relatives of theirs. Some of these selves are even from more advanced worlds and see how we can avoid some of our world’s troubles. But also, there are those who are lost and need our help, even if it is only a sympathetic ear and a prayer for their well-being to help them move on.

    With little time left I’d like to help your efforts if possible. Though only an ‘Audacity’ bungler I may have a method to save you a lot of time and concentration and make longer sessions viable with an idea which may make it easier to detect words in “gibberish”. There is no guarantee of no distortion or (possibly) quiet words being missed, so keep the original.

    If an inverted (‘mirrored’) version EXACTLY in step with your ‘gibberish’ source file is added to the original file they will cancel each other out when mixed, leaving only stereo mike speech and any replies, both at double-strength (or turn your mike down a little). If only a mono mike is used on the standard track, the inverted track should be free of speech or EVPs, giving normal-strength audio levels. It may even be unnecessary to listen to the file, just look along it in Audacity for unexplained ‘bumps’ in an almost flat line, indicating a disturbance in the original gibberish file. Noting ‘bumps’ helps you find perhaps clearer EVPs in the original file if the ‘canceled’ one isn’t very clear. Adjustment of the small sliders on each track’s left allows a very little gibberish to be leaked through, so you hear there actually is a gibberish file there – I tried it and it’s THAT good!

    To make a cancel file, your gibberish file is loaded into Audacity. Select [Edit-Duplicate] and one is made and added below the original. Then carefully select ONLY the lower track (leaving a tiny noise ‘tail’ each end to prove it works), select [Effects-Invert] to convert the copied track into a mirror image of the original. Save the file as stereo under a new name e.g. gibberish_xxx_INV
    The ‘mirror’ file will be EXACTLY in time with the original and will be your new gibberish source, to be fed to Audacity via Media Player.

    I recently made several comments on the Vimeo site on the video “Calling Earth”, which you should find useful to supplement this text, with a possible explanation for short EVPs and a possible further enhancement to extend them. It basically uses faster audio fragments to enable more words and wider choice of sounds in the same time, then slowing it down.

    The video is somewhat lengthy for busy you, but well worth a view.

    TIP: download with atube catcher and pick out best bits and speed up in VLC Player – much faster.

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