Who Said We Can’t Do This for Another 2500 Years? I Beg to Differ—We Are Doing It Now


My friends, a close friend of mine brought this my attention. In a recent radio show scientist Gary Schwartz said that what I am claiming to do, using current technology, will not be possible for about another 2500 years! This is a huge untruth and I want to set the record straight. We do have an EVP line and it works. I know a number of people in the field who are definitely using ITC (Instrumental Trans-communication) to connect-up with spirit. There are different types of ITC from spirit photographs to the recording of messages which is what I do, but it is definitely happening and although I’m sure the technology in another 2500 years will be way beyond what we have now, we are not waiting! Do not be discouraged. I will have a user friendly program to help both pc and mac users learn how to start recording for themselves soon, and I will post it at my website as soon as it is completed.

The following EVPs were acquired through different means. You know me and I’ve been experimenting with different sound backgrounds as well as different devices for the procuring of messages from spirit. A few just came spontaneously through my cell phone, which I did not initiate. In time I will explain and teach everything I learn. See if you can hear the differences in the EVPs produced through different methods.

Don’t worry for anyone mom

I love everyone

I’ll stay with you for today

I love you Kora

You’ll never know how good and powerful you are

They’re all so grateful for it

That’s why you’re so nervous Sheri

Tell our moms we will be able to come soon

Now you’re on, I’ll be there

And I would love to hear from him

You’re gonna get them home

This way you can make words flow

Here is tranquility

And we’re very excited

Sheri my girl








About sheriperl

I am a spiritual healer, a writer, a teacher, a potter and a wife and mother. My work has always been in spiritual healing but since 2008 I have focused more on bereavement as I lost my 22 year old son Daniel to an overdose on July 1, 2008.
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3 Responses to Who Said We Can’t Do This for Another 2500 Years? I Beg to Differ—We Are Doing It Now

  1. Cindy Haller says:

    Thank your Sheri for your devoted mission to the EVP line, your willingness to share the EVP communication with us and in addition offer your assistance to those of us who would like to learn for ourselves. I don’t know how you keep up with all you do for your family and all of us. I want you to know that I appreciate all the love and support you have given me through the years. I love you.

  2. emkarblog says:

    Cindy, you could not have hit the nail more on the head, Sheri has posted so many class A’s on her EVP line. So sad that the above scientist’s Schwartz’s EGO has shown its ugly head especially to Sheri, a person who produces and continues to provide what we the grieving parent want NOW. Contact with our children. Poor form to put anyone down in my opinion who has done so much at NO cost to any parent.

  3. sheriperl says:

    Thank you Cindy and thank you Karyn. I do what I do because I love it. I love spirit, I love communicating with spirit and it has been an especially big gift to me to be able to facilitate these communications with your children. I can feel them when I do a reading, so much love for their parents, it’s so beautiful. I’m the fortunate one to have been given this opportunity to serve.

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