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Some of These Take My Breath Away!

My baby boy tells me that he is not a baby and of course, he wasn’t when he passed at 22. Still they are our babies to us. The first EVP I will post is not the best or clearest … Continue reading

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Who Said We Can’t Do This for Another 2500 Years? I Beg to Differ—We Are Doing It Now

My friends, a close friend of mine brought this my attention. In a recent radio show scientist Gary Schwartz said that what I am claiming to do, using current technology, will not be possible for about another 2500 years! This … Continue reading

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The EVP Line continues to amaze me. Here are a few more EVPs for your mortal ears. Listen my friends to the voices of immortality—for we all go on and are never diminished! Listen to these messages from spirit!

  This is Danny at 3 years old. Looking back to those days, I never could I have imagined that this boy would pass at only 22 years of age and go on to work with me. He was always … Continue reading

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