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Our Kids Never Stop Talking—Listen to some Additional EVPs from the Valentine’s Day Reading

Be happy Are you kids helping out with the new arrivals?—We’re taking care of that We’re the helpful unit Hope you feel better Could family come to hear me? Your dog is fine It’s you I’m calling Did you meet … Continue reading

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EVP Messages from The Kids on Valentine’s Day 2017

Hi Friends, I got the urge to do a group recording for a Valentine’s Day gift for all of us. I’m only into auditing the reading about a minute and a half and already there are so many messages. They … Continue reading

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Questions and Answers—Real Conversations Through EVP

And will you help me?—Yes I will help you Dad how are you—I’m Okay Marie do you have anything that you want to tell me?—I’m around you Chad do you visit me through electricity?—I do that for you Daniel do … Continue reading

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