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We Reach Out to You, We Have Much to Say to You—Learn to Use the “Soul Phone!”

It seems all I have to do is click on the recorder and Dan is right there….Dan and many others. They are doing their part to make these communications possible. The “Soul Phone’s” time is coming. Here are some new … Continue reading

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Back at it and Going Strong!

Friends, I’m so glad to say that I’m back at the computer and the work goes on. Who wants to hear a few new EVPs? I’m loving all of it You know, we see it all I am sharing the … Continue reading

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More comments from The Kids!

We embrace you, but you don’t feel it. We sit by you, but you don’t see us. We talk to you but you question if it’s us….so we are trying electronic voice phenomenon to show you that we really do … Continue reading

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