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A few Words From Our Children-In- Spirit

Boy oh boy, do I have a treat for you! I always know when I’m on to something that’s important to the kids, because they come forward, do they ever. I had the impulse to ask them if they wanted … Continue reading

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They try to show us in so many ways that they are with us—Orbs are a way—We can’t see them, but the camera does. Whoever would have thought that technology would help us to connect with spirit? Roll Call Continues and concludes with Letters S through Y

  Samuel Sandy Sara Scott Sheri Sheryl and Julie Sondra Stephanie Summer Tammy Tara Teddy Thalia Tim Toby Boy Tom’s here Tommy Tony Trevon Ty Tyler Tyrie Uri (I’m Uri) Val (I’m Val) Valerie Veronica Vivian Wyatt Zoey     … Continue reading

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Assume they’re here because, in spirit, they are. Talk to them, because they want your love and attention. Roll Call Continued—Letters O through R

A friend reacted in response to something I had written on Facebook regarding the children-in-spirit. Danny has expressed, through our new EVP connection, that he misses me and his home. He still refers to our home as his home, and … Continue reading

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Names and More names—The kids Continue to Make Their Presence Known—The Want Us to Heal—The Continuation of “Roll Call”—Letters L M + N

When Danny first passed we were so forlorn. We didn’t know that what was lost would be found and our grief was beyond reason. We were up at the grave, that first Halloween after he had passed that summer in … Continue reading

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Yes Indeed, We Do Come Through Because We Love You—Allow a minute for this site to load—Included in this post are the names beginning with the letters J and K

  Daniel Perl Migdol People often ask me, How do I know that this Adam is my Adam or that Katie is my Katie. I was concerned about that, because I can’t imagine being able to record, hear and clip … Continue reading

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Whoever Would Have Thought This Was Possible? The Kids Say “I Love You” and Letter I—Remember to Wait a Minute for the Site to Load

As I continue to record and listen to the messages from Danny and your children, I’m more and more impressed with how they work as a team, and how they seem to know what we’re up to. Don’t think for … Continue reading

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Alphabetical Listing—The Letter H

Due to the amount of audio clips I was putting into one post, the system became very difficult to work with. I contacted wordpress who told me to try posting less audios per post, so I will now start doing … Continue reading

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