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Dan 7:1:08

January 24, 2013

Dearest Prayer Team,

I have created this space so that you will have a place to share your thoughts and feelings with each other.  If you have something you would like to send out to the entire group, you can send it to me at theprayerregistry@gmail.com and I will post it for you here. This way we will avoid overcrowding everyone’s email inboxes, which seems to be an issue.

I have a short story to share. Today I met with my computer guy Josh, (nice guy) to help me work out some computer problems. While working Josh showed me a way to activate a dictation function so that I can speak, rather than type. I followed his instruction and hit the function button twice, and on came a little microphone and so I spoke. I started to dictate the first sentence above, regarding the purpose of this site. When I finished speaking, I hit return and the words I spoke came up on the screen. “How incredible is that?” I thought. “Let me try that again,” and so I hit the function button twice, and after the little microphone came up on the screen, I continued speaking the first sentence. When I finished I hit return. To our surprise, what came up on the screen was this: Hello Dan.

Josh looked at me and I looked at him. No one had said Dan or hello! Josh couldn’t believe it, but I’m wasn’t totally surprised. The kids can do these things. I don’t know how, but I know they can.

My hope is that you will all begin using the comment command to create an active dialogue with other members of The Prayer Registry, and that you will send me whatever stories you would like me to post. You can even send me photos with your stories, because I can add photos too.



About sheriperl

I am a spiritual healer, a writer, a teacher, a potter and a wife and mother. My work has always been in spiritual healing but since 2008 I have focused more on bereavement as I lost my 22 year old son Daniel to an overdose on July 1, 2008.
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32 Responses to Welcome to The Prayer Registry Forum

  1. Sheri says:

    See this space? This is for you to fill in. I’m hoping to hear from many of you as we learn and grow stronger from each other!
    Much Love always,

  2. Christine says:

    I hope this is the right place to write this, here goes. I have found myself for a while now so tired physically and emotionally from the pain in my heart and missing my sons. Yesterday we celebrated our granddaughter, Christian’s (named for her uncle Christian) twelfth birthday. All three of our granddaughters spent the night so we could have a birthday breakfast. While I take great joy in my girls, I have such sadness in my heart because our Jason and Christian are not physically here to join us in these milestones. Please don’t misunderstand, I know they were here because Jason’s cell phone which has no service, just the alarm clock on it functions, went nuts. The girls thought it was awesome, as did I, but it made me feel so sad. I take great comfort in talking to the girls about their uncles and they ask many questions. However, lately it just hurts so much. It has been thirteen years and eight years since Christian and Jason have been physically gone from us and right now, today, this minute, it just hurts too much. I am hoping that by putting words to these feelings I can “get back on track.” Thanks for listening.

    • sheriperl says:

      My darling Christine,

      This is indeed the right place. I think of you so often and my moms who have lost more than one child or their only child. No matter what we do to connect-in-spirit, we are still in our physical existence without them. Your boys look to me and feel to me like such sensitive, caring, souls that their presence must be all the more missed by you. I try to stay connected-up to Dan through any means I can find and having a few mediums who I love and respect who I will have a session with every few months keeps me in a better place. I think that if Danny were in a foreign country, I would invest in long distance calls and so how is this any different? So, when you are missing Jason and Christian terribly, make an appointment with someone good. Glenn Dove and Susan Sanderford both do excellent phone sessions (I have all their contact info if you would like it) and of course there must be good people in every state, however, I do caution you to be careful and not use any one who doesn’t come well recommended!

      Anyway, I don’t KNOW any of the reasons why these things happen. There are countless reasons given and much of the common thought in spiritual circles today is that we chose to be in this circumstance prior to our births. There are books written about “sacred contracts” and “soul choices.” I hope it’s all true, but at this point in my understanding I can only view these ideas as hypotheses. What I do KNOW for certain is that personality survives death and that we will see our children again. In the meantime, staying close to them through whatever means we find open to us can lift our hearts and keep us from falling into the pits of despair. My advice, have a reading!

  3. Christine says:

    Thank you Sheri and I have come so close to scheduling a reading with Susan Sanderford (because of your recommendation.) I would like Glenn Dove’s connect info.
    I think the thing that holds be back is twofold. The first being my sister sent me an “angel reader” who did not pick up on Christian and got Jason so wrong. When I asked about Christian she stated that he was gone “too long” and “they don’t come through very well.” Needless to say I was crushed. The second reason is I am so fearful that it won’t be enough but I’m working on that. I just wish there was someone here in the Denver area that I could do a face-to-face with.
    I do thank you so much for following up with me and I really appreciate your advise and wisdom.

    • Karen says:

      Dear Christine,
      My son has been physically gone for 8 months. In some ways it seems like it happened just yesterday, yet in the same sentence, I feel like its been so long since I’ve seen his cute smile. I want to talk to him so badly. I am so tired of waking up everyday with this pain in my heart as well. I know the pain will never go away. I wonder how long I can endure this?

      I have not lived through this devastation as long as you have, and I wish I had some magic words to say to you. I will pray some special prayers for you; asking the Lord to wrap his arms around you to help lift this sadness and pain from your heart, even if it is just for a little while. Your body is so exhausted from the pain in your heart from missing your beautiful boys. You need to have some rest so you can rejuvenate again. Hoping the Lord will hear my prayers to bring you some relief.

      • Donna says:

        I know it’s been awhile since you posted this, Christine, but I just wanted to let you know that I had a reading with Susan last night and I was not in the least bit disappointed!!! While my son, Kraig, forever 21, has been gone only 8 months, he has come through so many times (starting 8 days after he passed, which was the night after his funeral) with different friends I have that are mediums, as well as signs that I know he is sending me. Despite all this, I decided to have a reading with Susan because she knew nothing at all about my son. She described him perfectly, said so many things about him that were spot on, and even got his name (Greg or Kraig is what she heard). She even said things that were as if he himself were saying them. I really don’t believe there is a time limit for when they will connect with you. I’m sure their doing whatever it is that is next for them, but I also they are around you in spirit, helping you even if you don’t know it.
        Hugs from my heart to yours.

      • sheriperl says:

        Thank you Donna for sharing this! It is so helpful when we share these experiences with each other. I think that Susan is doing a terrific job and I appreciate her discounting her sessions very much. I have not seen a better offer anywhere and she is good! Many thanks for sharing!

    • sheriperl says:


      Many people hold back on having readings for fear that they will be saddened with disappointment. Trust me on this, if you use either Glenn or Susan, you will be lifted. They do not need us in the room to do what they do. I understand you preferring face-toface, but what matters most is going to someone capable of connecting-up for you. I don’t know if you read the chapter in Lost and Found about two of my friends, both members of The Prayer Team, who were upset after readings with people who have no business calling themselves mediums, but then we know that there are people in every profession that we would be wise to never cross paths with, and the angel reader you mentioned sounds like one of those, but don’t let it hold you back from trying someone who is reputable, sincere and gifted!

      I will give you the information for contacting both Glenn and Susan. Susan was kind enough to offer a discount to members of The Prayer Team from $185.00 to $150.00, but for me, even more importantly, she records the session herself and emails it to you right away. This is, in my opinion, so important because you can’t remember half of what you hear and the other half, you can’t believe you heard and you simply must hear it time and time again. Glenn tells me that most of his clients who have phone sessions make their own recordings by having the call over speaker phone and recording it from that. If you are capable of making your own recording, well, everyone knows how I feel about Glenn. He has grown into a friend but I have been using him for connecting-up to my loved ones in spirit since 1994, so we go back a long time and I have always benefitted from my time with him. But, if you cannot be assured of a recording, then think twice about Susan. She had come highly recommended to me from Prayer Team Member Endre Balogh and then I saw others raving about their sessions with her on facebook and so I decided to try her out. I’m always looking for a good medium who can do a phone session because I have people all over the country asking me for recommendations. Right from the start of the call, it was obvious to me that Danny had her ear! The first thing she asked me is if I knew why, for 30 minutes prior to our call she kept hearing “Oh Danny Boy” the song. Well, that’s of course one of the songs we always loved and sang to and about him.

      I wish I could impart to you how much this can help you. If the medium is a true medium, then there is nothing to fear. Sweetheart, you’ve survived the worst living hell a mother can ever go through….this reading cannot compare. You say you are afraid that it will not be enough…trust me, any little crumb, every little shred of evidence feels like heaven. Look at it this way: every day of your life is not enough of Jason and Christian, how can this be worse? The answer is that it can’t. You’ve been through the worst already. This will only assure you that your boys have survived death and that they still love you and are they totally with you in spirit. It can only help. Well, that’s my opinion after doing so many readings. I’ve been to some mediums who were better, and some who were worse, but if they were true mediums, something always came through of value by which I could recognize my boy. Trust me on this one and get yourself a reading!
      Glenn Dove: (516) 223-2567 http://www.glenndove.com
      Susan Sanderford http://www.susansanderford.com/home.html

      Keep me posted!

  4. Christine says:

    Sheri all I can say is thank you. I think I needed a push from someone I trust. Although I don’t know you I trust you. You are indeed a wise and soulful woman and I am grateful.

    Karen thank you for your kind words and heart, they both carry great weight.
    Isn’t it odd how virtual strangers provide comfort when sometimes those whom we know so well turn away? Just a thought.

    Good night dear ladies, and thanks to you both.

  5. Christine says:

    I just want to add that my heartfelt sorrow for the loss of your son. Sometimes grieving is such a selfish emotion in that I forget that others are in as much pain as I. Bless you and keep you safe.

    • Karen says:

      I think we deserve to be a little selfish once in awhile!! Do something just for you today….you deserve that too!

      I think I am going to give Susan a call. I think you should too.

      Thanks Sheri for all your HARD WORK!!

  6. Christine says:

    I just visited the photos for February’s children. Every single one of them, so beautiful. It’s an honor to say your child’s name out loud to the universe and leave a little piece of my heart on their respective day in the Prayer Registry. My hope is that more people will join in.

    • Joy V says:

      I don’t know if you’ll see this Christine, but you so beautifully expressed what I think every single day when I open that email. I’m loving everybody’s children, not just my own boy. My heart goes out to us all and we ALL are in my thoughts & prayers daily.

  7. Christine says:

    I am struggling with something I was told yesterday by one of Jason’s best friends. Her step mother told her that Jason was rotting in hell because he wasn’t baptized. Well neither was Christian. I am an extremely lapsed Catholic for many reasons. So my struggle is this; how can people be so cruel and judgmental and then profess to be good Christian’s or whatever faith they choose to belong to. How can they believe in a supreme being that is so cruel. There are many confusing thoughts that go through my head in the course of a day, but none of those thoughts include my boys being anywhere other than a beautiful loving place. This woman’s proclamation not only upset Jason’s friend but also my daughter who is so lost without her brothers. I just don’t understand!

    • sheriperl says:

      Sheer ignorance Christine! The fact that someone can believe such a terrible thing is really their prison, but of course, when it confuses your daughter and other people you care about, it is very hurtful. People often believe what they were taught to believe whether it makes sense or not, whether it is true or not. Just think about it. Nobody is born with built in prejudice or hatred, these things are taught and yet look at all the people who have died in the name of Christ or because of their religion or the color of their skin. People are taught fear of God from a very early age. They are taught to fear people who look different or believe differently. And someone got to that woman when she was young and impressionable and she probably really believes that. Again, she has to live with that kind of mentality and that’s her punishment, but you know better and I know better.

      I have been connecting-up with spirit since 1971 and I have been taught by spirits and have read many channeled books and I can tell you that the spirit realm is a warm and friendly, safe place. As water finds it’s own level so will a spirit find it’s own realm where those of a similar vibration will come together. There is no mandatory hell or prison! It is said that those who cross over filled with darkness find themselves in darker realms, however, as they gain understanding they can raise their vibration and all souls do.

      Practically every spirit talks of doing what is called a “Life Review” where each spirit views their past life in order to evaluate for him or herself how they did. One man reported seeing every act he did to others from the perspective of the person he did it to. (This particular story is actually from a near death experience recounted to me in a workshop with Dr. Raymond Moody from his book). The man said that when he saw how everything he did had an effect on another, that he felt a huge responsibility to never hurt another soul as long as he lived.

      Anyway, if in a life review someone feels great remorse or pain over something, then they would need to deal with that and if it is a very terrible thing, they might be in their own hell for a while, until they work it out, but no one punishes you and there is always help and support from others.

      I think you might really appreciate reading the book “Testimonies of Light” by Helen Greaves. Helen is a medium and after her good friend Frances Banks passed, she channeled this book to Helen. It’s all about conditions on the other side. She talks of what she calls “The Shadow Lands” which is a realm where souls still in a lot of mental pain dwell. She says that as they work out their issues, they raise their vibration. But it is very clear that the only suffering is of one’s own making, over their own issues and that that if you are a kind person in your heart, you have nothing to fear, whether you practice a strict religion or you are an atheist.

      It’s simple. Just tell your daughter that people are idiots! Sorry, couldn’t help myself!

  8. Christine says:

    Thank you dear Sheri for giving me the words to convey to my daughter and Jason’s friend. Sarah knows what good men her brothers are but all it takes are unkind words to turn her world upside down again.

    What you say makes perfect sense and I’ll admit makes me feel more certain in what I truly believe. When I am at those terrible low times, I do tend to falter in spirit, but I know my boys are safe and happy. I am concerned that my sadness may affect them in a painful way but I also know my boys. They understand and work so very hard to send me signs. I think I still have a lot of learning and growing to do!

    Don’t be sorry, I agree with you. Some people are idiots.

    Thank you so much Sheri!

    • sheriperl says:

      You’re very welcome! I know this to be true, I’ve lived it and honestly, I feel sorry for people who are rooted to those kinds of beliefs. What a world to live in with devils and demons and a universe based on the judgements of the small, fearful, human mind! I went through so much hell with sickness as a young woman, (I don’t know if you read “Healing From the Inside Out”) but that brought me, out of desperation, to the healer in Britain who worked with spirits. Believe me, I didn’t believe in anything remotely spiritual but the healing energy was so powerful and positive that I had to figure out what in the world was actually going on. That brought me to open the doors to the invisible world and boy, what a world it is! If I had to live through all of that in order to wake up to the presence of spirit, then I make my peace, because when Danny passed, I KNEW how to connect-up with him in the next world.

      When the boys were old enough to go off on their own, if they left home I would say: Have a great time, take care and if anything happens, we meet at Glenn’s, (meaning Glenn Dove the medium) and that’s what we did, exactly one week after Danny had passed. I am grateful for my years of exploring mediums and the spirit world because my confidence in the reality of spirit allows me to share my perspective with others and I know that if they are open, they will be lifted….for it is night and day between believing what I believe and what that lady you spoke of believes. Scary!

      Anyway, I’m glad I could help!
      Much Love always from me!!!

  9. Christine says:

    Thank you Sheri for the continuing support and tools to help me on this unwanted journey. I used your guided visualization just now and it certainly did help.

  10. Adrian says:

    Hey Sheri!
    I was just wondering, how often do you recommend someone to catch up with their loved one through a medium? We love Susan and we had our first session with her in February.

    • sheriperl says:

      Hi Adrian,
      You know, I think it’s a very individual decision and also for many, a financial one. In my opinion, if you can afford to do a reading every few months, it’s a gift to you, like a long distance phone call would be, if your loved one was living overseas. When you have a medium that you love and trust, it is sometimes best to stick with them. I think it’s fine for you to do another session with Susan any time that you want to. It’s just connecting, and if it helps you to feel lifted, what reason is there not to have a session? Connecting-up is good and life giving because it allows for communication to take place between you and Menton and your mom and Menton and what could be better considering that he’s on that side and you’re on this one? My advice…treat yourself. In my opinion, it’s always worth it to be connected-up! xoxoxo

      • Adrian says:

        Thanks Sheri! Do you know of any other mediums besides Susan that fall into that price range and do the recording?

  11. Christine says:

    In just 7 days it will be 14 years since I have physically been with my Christian. Each year is different as I approach that date, but this year I am filled with such anxiety and confusion. My heart hurts, my head hurts, I just plain hurt. It has always been up to me on what to do for that date and this year I just want to stay in bed. I know I can’t, I won’t, but the blues are tenaciously clinging to my soul. I get really frightened that I will survive this in one piece and then it will start all over again in October when it will be 9 years without my Jason. I have searched for some trigger, other that the obvious, and there isn’t one. I am trying to meditate, to calm my soul, to bring forth all the goodness and love about my sons and I am just stuck. Right now, right this minute, I want the world to stop. I want to shout to the world that my Jason and Christian exist.
    Thanks for letting me vent.

  12. Christine says:

    Dearest Sheri,

    I had my reading today! Your are right in so many ways about having it done. Susan is wonderful and very intuitive. Most striking is how I felt. During the 70 minutes we spoke, I could “see” with my heart, my Jason and Christian standing behind a woman and they were both smiling and excited. There are things that she offered that she couldn’t have known and I admit I was worried because there is a big article about them still on the internet. She, they, did not disappoint.

    I am grateful Sheri for your guidance, always, and for pointing (read ‘pushing’) me to do this. It was a wonderful experience and I can ride the feeling for awhile.

    With much appreciation and love,

  13. clafore61 says:

    A couple of weeks ago Ceci, my 5 year old granddaughter had a meltdown. She was sobbing uncontrollably so it took a while to find out what was wrong. When she could finally speak, she stated that she was so sad that she never got to meet her uncles Jason and Christian. She had been watching a kids TV show with one of her sisters when this started, we really don’t know what precipitated this. She said she was sad that there aren’t any pictures of uncle Jason holding her like pictures of the ones we have of her two sisters (none of them got to meet Christian.) My daughter told her that it isn’t fair but that her uncles are always with her. She said she knows that but she is still sad. My middle granddaughter, Elli, told her to remember when we were in my kitchen together and talking about her uncles when Ceci’s favorite bag of candy fell from a shelf, I told her it was her uncles saying hi. Well Ceci responded with “grandma was just trying to make me feel better.” She said she knows she can see them in her dreams but that is not enough.
    I talked to her by herself and told her I would never ever lie to her about her uncles showing us signs. Not knowing what else to do, I asked her if she would like a bracelet with their picture on it (I wear one around my neck always) so that she could see them whenever she wanted. She said, “I would love that and I will never take it off! I had her pick out the pictures she wanted and had a laser photo bracelet made for her and had it engraved on the back to read “Whenever you think of us, we are right next to you, love uncle Jason and uncle Christian.” Now she asks so many questions about them and touches the bracelet as she speaks of them.
    This has been another lesson in learning how to live without my boys physically here with us.
    Thanks for listening XO

  14. Chris says:

    It is so disheartening to see the number of people leaving prayers, blessings, and positive energy dwindling and yet the the precious children list is growing. I do not understand.

    I am so appreciative for the constant few who post regularly and to you all I say thank you with love. But as the same time I can’t wrap my brain around those who expect those prayers, blessings, and words of remembrance for their child/children who won’t take a small amount of time to do the same for others. I know, I really do know that we all do what we are capable of but if I and the constant few who feel the pain of missing our child/children can take the time to say every child’s name listed, why can’t they?

    I apologize if this comes off harsh…feeling really down right now and really felt the need to voice my feelings. I so feel like giving up. No other words, just a lot of sadness.

    • sheriperl says:

      Hi Chris,
      I am going to write to you privately, however, I would like to write an answer to this here. I want you to know that I do believe that many members of The Prayer Team do their prayers, on a daily basis, however, I too wish more of them would take the time to express their feelings and show their presence. But where we must learn to trust what we cannot see, I apply that reasoning here as well. Many parents tell me that when they open their email that they say the prayers right then and there. I guess they just don’t want to hit on that link to The Prayer Site. I wouldn’t let it upset you, sweetheart. I appreciate your caring and I feel your prayers everyday!


  15. Chris says:


    My brain understands what you are saying but my heart just doesn’t get it. Like I said, I am in a bad place right now but am working hard to climb out of my “hole.”

    Thanks for responding and for caring.

    Love to you,

  16. My brother suggested I might like this website. He was totally right.
    This post actually made my day. You can not
    imagine just how much time I had spent for this info! Thanks!

  17. Robin Oxfeld says:

    Hello, my name is Robin Oxfeld. My baby was stillborn in 1995 and everyday I pray for her and think of her. My Family has been very unfortunate, many of us carry a gene mutation called BRCA 1 and 2. This mutation put’s us at a much higher risk of Ovarian, Breast, and Colon cancer. It took the life of my Great Aunt Sophie age 52, my grandmother at age 63, my Mother at age 63, and both of my Mothers sisters at ages 52 and 58. All of these amazing Woman left behind Me, my Brother, two Sister, and four cousins left without Moms at young ages. On top of all of this lose there is still a threat for us who carry the gene mutation. The Woman that I mentioned were all of the family that I had that ever truly loved and cared about me so when my Daughter died I was more or less on my own. Sheri Perl Migdol is my first cousin and she has taught me to meditate, pray, and speak to my baby and the rest of my loved ones mentioned. I believe it is time for me to talk to a medium. Most of my family members have met with Glen Dove from NY and I’ve heard the tapes so I know he is amazing. I have to make an appointment one day soon, I am feeling weak lately, my adoptive father died last year and my biological Dad has terminal lung cancer. Everyday is a struggle for me, I have flashbacks of my loved ones death and suffering and I can’t stop them. I need reassurance that they still love me and approve of my life. I had a nervous breakdown after losing so many loved ones in such a short amount of time and I’ve never been the same. I hope that I posted this in the right place. Thank you for reading.
    Hugs, Robin

  18. Chris says:

    Since I became a member of this wonderful group of kind and compassionate people, I have found some comfort in knowing that I can, in some small way, help by not letting our children be forgotten.
    I am beyond grateful to Sheri for giving us all this safe place to remember them and send heartfelt encouragement to their families. I am beyond grateful to the few constant voices, my unseen companions, who post every day.
    Every month more children are added and every month it pains my heart to see how many parents are on this journey. My frustration lies in the so very small number of those of us who post in relation to the very large number of this group. I know Sheri will say that those who do not post say a prayer or send a message privately. I have no way of knowing that. Perhaps I am too, forgive my language, bitchy, but I do not understand why a few words of remembrance and encouragement is so hard to do. It is not my intention to offend.
    Of course, this will not change my commitment to the Prayer team, I just needed to vent today. April has been a hard month with so many children on the calendar. I peeked at the upcoming months and see that they have many more as well.
    I do want to sincerely thank the constant voices, Susan, Terri, Nancy, Debbie, Carole, Carla, Aaron’s mom and especially dear Maty. As always, Sheri, love and gratitude for you XO

  19. sheriperl says:

    Thank you Chris and I feel the same way, as you know! Your love and commitment are what keep groups like this going.

    As Alway, Love and Gratitude to you!!!

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