New EVPs using my own homemade gibberish

Sheri dreaming

EVP Maker

You guys know me, always dreaming up new ways to procure EVPs and I’ve been growing a little bit tired of the human vocal gibberish that I have been using. One of my concerns with using the same gibberish over and over is that words can get embedded into the gibberish, and although we don’t know why this happens, it does and so I wanted to make some new gibberish using my own voice.

There is a software called EVP Maker, (see the photo just above) that allows you to record yourself speaking and then it scrambles all the words up into gibberish and so this morning I gave it a try. I’m not sure what to set any of those numbers on so I just guess and I push the record button, ramble on for a few minutes and then run it through the scrambler.

Then I pulled up audacity and made a short one-minute recording using the new gibberish. Here are the EVPs I found:


Do you have a message for me sweetheart? Be grateful, we are here.

I love you


They like me here

My Sheri

She’s American

I sat with Jerry

It’s your Aunt. She called to thank you

Really very cool

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Some New EVPs that are clear are always good to Hear


Electronic Voice Phenomenon is just amazing. Here are some clips made with human vocal gibberish as the sound source.

Be happy Ma

The lovely one

How are you tonight?

For the love thank you

Oh there are children, they’re beautiful

And I’m truly happy for you

Mom I miss you

You’re a very calming mother


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EVPs Found In a Puppy’s Growly Sounds


Rb7uJK5wQ26XsTEhkEqGXwThis my friends is my precious Lily Louise. My new little girl has been with me for 2 months now and I just adore her. Some of you know the story of my little dogs and how I had to put Steven to sleep a few years ago due to old age and numerous medical conditions. Here’s a photo of Steven.

Steven all by himself2

Well, shortly after Steven passed he started coming through my EVP line talking of his desire to come back. This went on for a few years but I still had my Nellie who was old and I was not about to get a new puppy while I still had Nellie to care for. Here is a photo Nellie.

.sheri and Nellie

After Nellie passed about 6 months ago Steven started coming through again and between him and Danny, I was given specific instructions on how we could work together to bring Steven back into another small poodle. Well, they did their end and I did mine and Lily came home 2 months ago. I remembered that I had used EVPs made by recording the heavy breathing of Steven and Nellie to see if they were ready to pass. I thought how interesting it would be to record the funny little growl sounds that Lily makes when I play with her and check them for EVPs. Now, maybe I’m getting crazy but I do believe that I have some EVPs here. Remember that these were not made using vocal gibberish as a sound source, but by recording Lily’s little growly sounds. Take a listen and please if you can hear any of these, leave me a comment to let me know.

I love Ma

My name was Steven

I am happy

Nana (This is what my grandson calls me and he comes over all the time and plays with her and constantly says “Nana.”

The following clip was made from Lily crying when I returned home after an hour away from the house. She always cries a little when I first pick her up after returning home.

Mommy, It’s Steven


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From Portuguese Into English—What an EVP!


Yeah, I’m pretty impressed with what Spirit can do. Here’s a real favorite of mine. I was experimenting with human vocal gibberish made from a little boy named Lorenzo who speaks Portuguese. I asked my son Danny to say something to me in English to let me know that I should use this gibberish. Listen to this:

Say something to me in English so that I know I should use this—I speak in English

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Listen to Some New Clips From Recent Readings


What do you do in Spirit? — I’m singing (in this I also hear faintly, “I’m still around you)

Coralie, how are you, honey? — I feel good

Do you hear me when I talk to you every day? — Perfectly clear

And I’m right here

I want to know if you suffered — Oh no


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Sheri’s Top Ten Best EVPs to Date


I’m always amazed that this is possible, but if I can do it, so can you. Here are some of my best EVPs to date. You will note that they were made using different sound sources.

Do you have a message for Sonia Rinaldi?—Thanks a lot

Hi Sheri

Danny can you say I love you Ma?—I love you Ma

You’re my hero

I speak in English (This was made using Portuguese Vocal Gibberish)

I love you, Mommy (The was made using an electronic sound source called “Spiritron-C”)

Mom I’m happy (also made with finger scratching)

I am Danny (This was made using an electronic sound source called “Clipper” )

I love you (This was made from using gibberish I made of my grandson counting to 20)

Deep inside I love you (This was made using Phasma Box)


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EVPs made from Keith Clark’s Sound Source called “Michael”

sheri in Orlando 2019

I was just floored with I started using this sound source because I was able to hear 100% of the words. I don’t know why this particular sound source works so well for me and I have no idea whether any of you will be able to hear this, but I’d really like to see if you can. Please, let me know!

This is Dan

Sheri, I love you

Please be happy, I’m your son.

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