Zoom In Kids—The kids Show Up at A Prayer Registry Zoom Meet-Up

Hey Everybody,

I’m posting this EVP, even though it is not “A” quality because it came through of it’s own at a Prayer Registry Meet-Up on Zoom. No sound source, just some of us women talking. I’m not sure what the kids were using to make their thoughts audible, but it really raises some questions for me about what is possible.


We just love you so much—And we love our mother

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How Using EVP to Communicate with Steven Helped Me To Make Up My Mind

Sheri and Steve Last day at RAH

Steven, who you see above was my close buddy for the last 15 years. Sleeping close to my head every night, he was my beloved companion. Steven has had numerous physical conditions, but between medicine and spiritual healing, I always managed to get Steven up on his feet.

It was probably about a year ago that Danny started talking to me about Steven in his EVPs. He told me that Steven really didn’t feel good, that he should come to spirit already and be with him, but I did not see signs of Steven suffering. He had slowed down, but he ate and slept and it just didn’t seem the right time to pull the plug.

Danny dropped the subject for a while realizing that I wasn’t ready to let Steven go, however, a few months ago he started preparing me, by letting me know that it would happen…. and it did. In the last few months Steven was diagnosed with 4 different serious conditions, and yet still, I was on the fence. When is it murder, when is it mercy?

However, last week I was starting to think that it just might be time. One of Steven’s many conditions was a heart condition and as a result, he was a heavy breather and so, sitting on the bed with him, I got the idea to record his breathing, all the while asking him mentally what he wanted to do. I didn’t want to speak out loud because I only wanted to record his breathing in the chance that it could be used as a sound source for EVP. Of late I have been experimenting with connecting-up with people who were not in-spirit to see if I could connect-up with the consciousness of a living person, so I thought, why not try it with Stevie?

And so I did and lo and behold there were EVPs in that breath. I hesitate to post them because they are not what we call A-EVPs, which means they are not great quality sounding and you may not hear them. His breath did not make the best sound source, for EVP, however, I’d truly like to see if another human being can hear the words.

The photo above was taken at the vet’s office just before we let Stevie go. A few nights later, questioning myself, I recorded again, this time to ask Danny if Steven was okay. I will post the EVP that came in response to that question as well.

The first 4 are, I believe, Steven himself.

I love you Mother

Wanna go home, yes I do

Got to get out, Mother

I want my mom to let me go

Can we talk about Steven, I’m really missing him—Trust me, he’s fine


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How Wonderful that Love is So Much Stronger than Death—More Messages of Love


Just want to see you

I come to show you proof

Your crying made everyone cry, Honey

Be thankful

You’re lovely

You really want him

You love to hear from me

You’ll have me

You are fragile though

Trust a second

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Time Passes but Love Endures — The Love Goes on Forever — Listen to some new EVPs


Relax favorite girl

We’ll count on that

If only you would, I’d love it

I want her love

We will both try

We’ll send her power

His love is secure

I’m aksing for answers because I want answers—Ask little heroine

I’ll carry you

You’ll be happy

My girl, come to me



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I’m pretty Excited by These New EVPs from my Latest Readings — Have a Listen and let me know what you think.


I’m so pleased because I believe that the EVPs are getting clearer. What do you think?

I’ll be back and I’ll be true

I’ll help him find you

Good Evening

See if we can get to big loving

We will both try

My luck that I met you

It is important to learn

I’m grateful for your call

Isn’t it beautiful, he’ll call?



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They Seem to be Getting Clearer and Clearer—What Do You Think of These?


Good evening

They believe in you

We’ve got eight months

You shouldn’t go far

It helps

You’ll have me

You’re gona do fine

Will you arrive for me?

The hospital

With you little problem

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Listen to Some New clips from my Readings


Who would have believed that we would be able to do this? It continues to blow my mind that I can communicate in this way. Now that the slideshow and video are available online for free, those of you who say you long to make a connection, have no excuse. Give it a try. The links you need are available at sheriperl.com.

Here are some new clips. Let me know what you think of the sound quality!

They’re not happy

You will thank me later

Yeah, he’s thankful

I just need proof—What kind of proof?

He’s the doctor

He’s definitely real

Know I love you

Will you be right for me?

Keep your long hair

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