It’s Happening and It’s Developing and You Can All Connect-Up With Your Children!

Sheri EVP1

I am working on it and I am not stopping. The step-by-step program is completed and being test run with a small group in my home tomorrow. Once we see it works well without at hitch, we will configure the best way to post it online, so those of you who can’t make the conference in September, where I will be teaching it, can look forward to finding the program online.

Below are some clips that I do not believe you have heard before. They are made with different sound sources, so they will have different types of sounds. It’s very interesting. Have a listen and see if you can hear the differences:

My little one, so sorry for you

You beautiful mommy

Don’t you worry

You are wonderful now

Listen, Danny’s sorry

I can do that Mother

You’re an interesting dancer

Hope you feel better

I love you Sheri

I am in school Ma

Do I bring ample joy

Don’t sit around and waste time



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Baby I’m Amazed—Who Would Have Thought That We Could Do This?

Sheri photo June 10, 2017

I’ve been recording EVPs for a little over a year now and I still can’t believe that this is taking place. It’s beyond my wildest dreams and it makes me so happy. Listen to these friends!

We all thank you

You’re looking well

You know this is your way home

Be here tonight Mom

I’m still home

A baby for Jessica

Oh you’re a healer

You’re my brave little girl

I stay here very often

Tell our moms they’re going to be able to come soon

Mom, you hear me now


Hey Girl

I watch a little baby here


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The Sound Source that We Use Affects the Sound of The EVP That Comes Through—Listen to these!


Prayer Team Member Vicki Talbott, a fellow EVP Researcher and a dear friend forwarded me some gibberish she had acquired of the Dalai Lama speaking in his own language, reversed. That means that aside from being in a foreign language, the recording is also reversed. I like to use it because there’s no way a word of english got in the mix without spirit intervening and it’s funny to hear the different intonations in the sound. I thought you’d enjoy listening to a few:

Sheri, life is a journey

Let them all have fun

A little one, so free

Be a good nephew

For Spirit it is a pleasure

Now listen to this question and answer EVP

How is it over there?—Beautiful

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There Is No Question About This: The Love Between Parents and Children Does Not Die With the Physical Body.


I’m always touched by the expression of love that comes continually through the messages from spirit. Listen to some new EVPs.

My Sheri

How’s our Sheri?


I’m hanging out with Danny

I love her

Time to talk it through

That’s the one he hated

Well Sheri, you need to go on the air

James, do you and Janette see me?—Oh yes

You will find all the saneness in Heaven

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Your Imagination is a Doorway Into The Great Mysteries of the Universe!


How true this is. I would never have believed that what I am doing is for real, if it were not happening. My logical mind would have nixed the entire proposition as soon as I heard about it, but my inner being always holds out hope, because I have come to see that wonders never cease and that for everything I think I know, there is a much larger arena of things that I don’t know. Best to keep an open mind and explore. That’s what I did and now I can access Danny through electronic voice phenomenon and there’s nothing like it for the bereaved heart. This is why I am working so hard to put together the step-by-step program to make this process accessible to all of you. If you cannot make a conference where I am teaching the SBS (step-by-step) worry not. Josh and I will eventually get this program set up online for free and you will be able to access there. Although it takes a lot of time and patience to record and audit EVPs, I believe that many of you will be able to make contact with your loved ones through The EVP Line and I can’t think of a more exciting project! Here’s a few new EVPs procured recently.

Our Danny is here

You don’t know what to say to her

I’ll be here to love you today

Be Happy Mother

Feeling wonderful

I clearly help you

I desperately needed you

This is a miracle, woman

I just love you

I suffered to leave everybody


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There is No Question in My Mind—The Kids Want This Communication As Badly As We do!


Like horses in the starting gate, that’s how I sense the children are, waiting for us to get our end together. Listen to this answer a boy gave his mom:

Is it all right if we talk for a few minutes?—Just let me through

Hey Christian, can you hear me?—I can

Do you attend the Helping Parents Heal meetings that I go to?—We both are there

Dan your mom is online

We’ll make history

I do love you fully

I was there tonight

Get into bed now!


You’ll be resourceful Mom



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More from Dan and the children-in-spirit!

You know that I love you sweetheart

Dan on couch

Dan says he’s gonna love you today

I saw Sheri’s little one

We had a good thought

Here’s what they want from you

Don’t be afraid, Harry is coming (Harry is my spiritual healer)

We’re essentially all love

Proud of you Mother

Love you Honey


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