More Comments from our Children-In-Spirit


This is how I feel about EVPs and communicating with spirit. People ask me if I am afraid of who I might contact. Fear never enters into it for me. How can I fear my Danny? I have loved him too much in the body to ever fear him out of his body! Just listen to these messages. They are so full of love:

I’m here

You’re mommy angel

I’m loving Grandma

I’m so happy Mother

I’ll drive you around

Totally count on me

Can I meet everyone?

You’re not dancing

You look nice

You shouldn’t dwell on that

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Comments From The Kids for the Upcoming Holidays


So I said to the kids. “Is there anything you have to say to your parents with the holidays coming up?” Needless to say the responses came flooding in and I will start posting them as time allows. Here’s the first EVPs I found:

Chow Mama

Be strong

I know when you’re sad

And I’ll keep around

I love you Mom

I always stay around

A gathering here

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The Kids Keep Talking to Their Parents— and They All Acknowledge Dan!


Dan’s on the phone

There’s our Danny

Thanks a lot Danny

Please come again

Is there anything you want to tell me?—It’s warm and friendly here

See the light of love

My regards to Aaron and Everyone

I call you the little one

I’m mighty proud of you


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Loving Communication from The Other Side


Here are some clips from my most recent readings. Hope you enjoy them!

Time for talking, Mom

Where can Alice be?

Most of all I need you to come through

Thanks a lot Danny

I was guarding too much from you

How’s your health, Mommy?

I love you madly, Mommy

I brought you here

I’m supporting you

Go to the light

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We’ll be Teaching in September of 2017 in Arizona — Hope to connect-up with many of you there!


For information about the symposium please visit: Please consider coming to this because I need a team. There are way too many people needing readings and way to few of us doing them. I hope that many of you will be able to join me in Scottsdale Arizona in September of 2017!

I am continually trying different methods to record EVPs. I have learned that there is more than one way to do this and I am exploring for myself what will work best for me. By next September I plan to have my best method down pat to pass on to all those who want to get involved. If you have the desire and the time, I highly recommend it.

One of the things I’ve learned is that it’s not all about the technical piece. It’s equally important to work with the spiritual components and by this I mean, your inner state of mind. I discovered that my readings yield better results if I am in a happy, uplifted state of mind. Understandably, with the challenges that befall those who are grieving, it is not always easy to be in happy mood, so I will tell you what I do. I call it “American Girl Shaman!”

I use music. I use music that I love to lift my heart. If I am up to it, I play music I love that makes me want to move and I take off, dancing and running and creating a ruckus in my home. I dance, I sing, I laugh, I cry and I raise my vibrations. If it’s a day when I’m not feeling up to the aerobic end, I just play the music, but I do something prior to recording to bring me out of my worries and into the moment, coaxing my entire being into an elevated state of mind through music!

You can use any kind of music that moves you, but allow yourself to be moved. Interestingly, the first time this idea came to me and I actually tried it, I received and EVP that said, “She is in a very good light today.” That’s all I needed to know that this was a good idea and to keep with it.

For some of you it may be meditation, for others a walk in the park, but whatever it is that lifts you up, go for it. Actually, go for it, even if you’re not interested in recording EVPs, because everything we do is better when we take out a moment to bring the light into ourselves!

Okay, I know you’re here for the EVPs so here’s a few for you:

She just got on

Be our friend

Gotta call me

You’re the son of Angela

Would you let me come?

We can learn from that Mom


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More Messages from Our Children-In-Spirit


I’m just right here

Try to be around with you

Mom, we’re calling you

Eventually you’ll come

Imagine seeing each other

We constantly honor you

I’ll keep guarding you

We want you to see the light, Mom

We don’t die

You actually brought me here

You’re my heart

Please try to be happy

That felt good

Dan called you

Thanks for coming here

I’ll train you

We’ll be happy for each other

I feel spiritual today

Your son


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The Clearest Yet!


Hi Everybody,

I’m delighted to share these new clips with you! I have been experimenting with different ways of acquiring EVPs. I’ve learned that there actually is more than one method or one device to try and I’ve been fortunate to have good mentors who have exposed me to a variety of ways to obtain EVPs. Thanks to Vicki Talbott, mother of Braden, Prayer Team Member and Pioneer Extraordinaire, I was told about something called Infinity Box. This is something that you can download on your computer but I believe you need a PC to do it.

Well, the process is pretty much the same. I record onto my mac using a recording program called Audacity, (also downloadable) but I run the gibberish through Infinity Box which I set up by the mac, at the place where you now see a cell phone. The two speakers are then not needed and so the set up looks like this:



I am probably going to start incorporating IB (Infinity Box) into my readings for others, but as I have just started working with it, I have not yet made the switch. The readings are going so well, better all the time, that I am taking my time with any new methods….. but just listen to these clips!!!

We’re all proud of you

The confidence started in you

You’re too much, Sheri

Ma’s got your Dad


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