A few new EVPs for you!


I’m busy doing readings, hoping to help as many of you as possible. Below are some new EVPs that just came in. Hope you like them!

You have the best smile

Everyone left a family

Will Harry be around to assist Jess during labor?—He’ll be there (Jess is my daughter, Harry is my spiritual healer-in-spirit

Most of them are real, honey

I am holding up my end okay with the EVPs?—They’re all happy here

Thank you for the company

We call Danny

Now I’m in plain view

We would play forever

We stayed around here Mom

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EVPs from Our Kids—If We Call Them, They Will Come!


The following EVPs are taken from my most recent readings. There is no question in my mind that we are getting through on our line to the other side. If it weren’t happening, I might not believe it, but’s happening and you can’t make it up.

Last week I received two EVPs that didn’t mean anything to me, but meant everything to the mother of the child who provided them. The first EVP said “Gerber baby food,” the second “a dorito.” I was thrilled when the mom told me that when her son was a baby, everyone said that he looked just like the Gerber baby and that his favorite thing to eat were Doritos. Yes, the kids are coming through and they are offering EVPs that illustrate who they are to their parents. I think it’s totally awesome! Listen in my friends. Death speaks with a loud voice and a strong intention to show us that there is no death to the consciousness.

Marcus are you okay and are you happy?—Definitely Mom

We all thank you

She is humble

A dorito

Gerber baby cereal

You’re lovely Mom

I’m totally there for you

Dillon could we have stopped you from leaving us?—No

We love that Dan can call you

I will always be here




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Our Kids Never Stop Talking—Listen to some Additional EVPs from the Valentine’s Day Reading

Be happy

Are you kids helping out with the new arrivals?—We’re taking care of that

We’re the helpful unit

Bye Kids—Goodbye woman

I do help them

Hope you feel better

Could family come to hear me?

Your dog is fine

It’s you I’m calling

Did you meet Cindy

Boy, we’re happy

And here’s Peter

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EVP Messages from The Kids on Valentine’s Day 2017


I just called to say I love you

Hi Friends,

I got the urge to do a group recording for a Valentine’s Day gift for all of us. I’m only into auditing the reading about a minute and a half and already there are so many messages. They are for all of us and I will continue to put time into auditing this recording and posting the EVPs that I find here. I hope you enjoy some of these!!!

How’s everybody doing?—Everyone’s happy

Are you very busy? I keep hearing about so much overdose?—I love greeting them

And I would love to work on it

You’ve made me so happy

I need you Ma

If you need me, I’m here

I’m fine now

Every freedom will be born here

Got your mom online

Danny feeds us all

He brings in the honeycomb

They swarm around me

I love you

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Questions and Answers—Real Conversations Through EVP


And will you help me?—Yes I will help you

Dad how are you—I’m Okay

Marie do you have anything that you want to tell me?—I’m around you

Chad do you visit me through electricity?—I do that for you

Daniel do you spend time with Dan and the prayer team children?—And other people

Danny, can you say I love you Ma?—I love you Ma

Danny are you happy?—So happy

Do you have Chad Pearson?—I got him


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They Just Call To Say I Love You—And a Few Other Things!


Oh yeah, play it. It’s our new theme song friends and I plan to listen to it several times a day. It makes me high!

I love you

I love you

Oh, I love you honey

I love you Buddy

I surely love you

Pa, I love you

I do love it in heaven

I’m a headset away

Katie would never hurt it

Protect Oliver

Dan we love him

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There is just no stopping them—They talk and they talk and they want you to listen! More messages from The Other Side


That’s the Grandma

We love our Peyton (That’s my grandson)

Dan called his mom

Perfectly warm

I’m very happy

I dream of you

I brought you light

I’m here with your dad

Our team are proud of you


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